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Convenient Commercial Cleaning Services in NYC

When choosing commercial cleaning contractors, let K&D be your trusted choice. We work with the firm intent to partner with businesses looking to maintain a pristine, productive, and healthy workspace. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail makes us the preferred partner for offices, corporate environments, and businesses of all sizes.

Creating Pristine Environments

Prioritizing Professionalism

At K&D, we understand that a clean office or business environment is more than an aesthetic necessity, it is a fundamental requirement for productivity and well-being. As such, our commercial office cleaning services reach all corners, ensuring that your workspace is absolutely pristine. From workstations to common areas, restrooms, and every surface in between, our goal is to provide a spotless and inviting atmosphere for your employees and your clients.

Furthermore, we are able to accommodate the needs of each business client. We know that no two businesses are the same and that the requirements of each business may differ. Whether you need daily maintenance, weekly, monthly, or other refreshing services, our professional team is here to work closely with you to create a plan that aligns with your business schedule and ensures your office or workspace remains consistently clean without any impairments to your daily operations.

1 Opting for Agility

The timing of cleaning services is critical, and our flexible scheduling options reflect this.

2 Understanding Urgency

Our booking system allows you to book on the same day, allowing you to address even the most urgent cleaning needs with speed and efficiency.

3 After Hour Offerings

Whether you require cleaning during or after business hours, we are ready to adapt to your preferences.

How it Works

Our Services Explained

The efficiency of our team of cleaners is just as important as the efficiency of your team. Because of this, when doing commercial office cleaning, our team of cleaners undergo rigorous training and background checks according to European standards. We recognize the importance of security and safety during office cleaning, and we take every measure to protect your space, employees, and assets from the natural accumulation of dirt and grime from daily operations.

If sustainability is also a priority for your business, our eco-friendly cleaning practices align with your values. We are happy to say that we are official partners with Sonett, a German cleaning supplies company. This company won Germany’s Sustainability Prize for 2022, and it has made great strides towards offsetting its carbon footprint. When working with our commercial cleaning contractors in NYC, you promote a healthier and more sustainable environment.

2 Get in Touch

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3 Get it Cleaned

If you're in or around NYC, our residential cleaning services will come to you! You can relax while we handle the rest.

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