Post Construction Cleaning NYC

Post Construction Cleaning

We at K&D Cleaning understand that the final phase of any construction or renovation project is the most critical – the cleanup. It’s where the transformation from a construction site to a pristine, move-in ready space takes place, and this is where we can help with our post-construction services in NYC.

Our post-construction cleaning services are anything but ordinary. We are highly aware of the difference between an uncompleted space and a complete one, just like we are highly aware of the difference between an uncompleted cleaning and a completed one. We are here to meticulously remove every speck of debris, trace of dust, and lingering particle of construction residue. Our goal is to leave no trace of how your space became your space, so that you are left with a space that is not only clean, but also completely suitable for your occupancy. Just like with construction, we know that the difference is in the details. Cutting corners leads to shoddy construction as it does to bad cleaning. That is why we are committed not just to making a space clean, but immaculate.

Spaces that have just finished being constructed are challenging places to clean up. The resulting traces of construction activities can be extensive, which is why we are more than just cleaners; we are your partners in the final stretch before your space is ready to use. Unlike construction and renovation projects and their often tight schedules and deadlines, our flexible scheduling is meant to seamlessly integrate with your project timeline and specific requests. Whether you need us for a one-time deep clean to prepare for a grand opening or require ongoing cleanups to maintain a safe environment during construction, we adapt to your needs. Using our booking system, you can provide us with specific instructions as to how to arrive, add additional requested post-construction cleaning services, and add any other special requests you may have. You can rely on us to be there when you need us most, ensuring your project stays or ends on track.

In addition to cleaning, we also take safety seriously. Our team of cleaners are highly talented, and are stringently trained in European cleaning standards. This means that, on often dangerous construction or renovation sites, our team follows safety protocols to protect themselves and your property. We use protective equipment and ensure that the cleanup process doesn’t pose a risk to anyone on the site, be it you, construction workers, or our cleaners. We promote healthy and eco-friendly cleaning supplies as well. If you are concerned about the impact of cleaning on the environment and your health, rest easy. We have partnered with the German cleaning supplies company Sonett to ensure that your space is clean, but also healthy and sustainable. We remain committed to providing the best cleaning service in NYC while minimizing our and your impact on the environment and nature.

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