Spotless Service: A Professional Guide to Restaurant Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning: Keeping It Clean When the Heat Is On

Daily Cleaning

Weekly Cleaning

The deeper cleans don’t have to be done every day, but they should be done regularly. At least once a week, the ovens, coolers, and refrigerators should all get a good cleaning. This is a good opportunity to go through all the food in storage and throw out anything that is expired or has gone bad. Keeping tabs on your inventory also helps you stay on top of your menus. For example, if there’s a lot of some produce, an extra special might be introduced for a while to make sure it’s all used in good time.

This is the time for the detail work. Check and clean the drains, give the floor a good deep clean, and delime sinks, faucets, and coffee makers. Basically, take the opportunity to reset your kitchen.

Monthly Cleaning

The Dining Area: More Than Clean Plates & Turned Tables

Nothing puts a damper on the dining experience quicker than a dirty dining room. There’s a difference between a few remnants from the last people to sit at your table and evidence that nobody’s swept in months. An inviting dining area welcomes guests in, makes them feel comfortable, and encourages them to spend more. As in the kitchen, your front-of-house cleaning can be broken down into the same time categories: daily, weekly, and monthly.

Daily cleaning and sanitizing starts with all surfaces, but don’t forget details like wiping down your menus. Ensure your bathrooms are sparkling, clean the windows, and sweep or vacuum the floors. Wipe down your condiment bottles so new customers don’t get their hands dirty, refill where needed, and restock disposables like napkins. Take out the trash and replace garbage bags or sanitize the trash cans.

Once a week, the entire dining area should be thoroughly cleaned, right down to dusting the light fixtures and ceiling fans. If you have a bar area, this is the time to dust those display bottles, too. Give both staff and customer toilets and sinks a deep clean – you can do the whole bathroom once a month. The monthly cleaning is an opportunity to tackle any problem areas identified by managers that might need a little extra time.

The Recipe for Professional Restaurant Cleaning

The best way to keep a good restaurant kitchen is to start from a clean slate. When you start with a tip-top kitchen, maintaining it is a matter of staying the course. It’s certainly easier than turning around a neglected kitchen from scratch. Getting professional restaurant cleaning services is the best way to do your due diligence. Not only will you ensure that your restaurant complies with OSHA regulations, but you’ll also have peace of mind that your ingredients are getting the care they deserve.

Working with a restaurant cleaning company empowers you to focus on the food while safe in the knowledge that the basics are taken care of by the best. In addition to your daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning, a regular deep clean by specialists will keep your back- and front-of-house shipshape, safe, and hospitable. Schedule a visit from the K&D Cleaning team or contact us to learn more about our restaurant cleaning services.

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