The Ultimate Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

Before You Start: Preparing for the Move-Out Cleaning

A Comprehensive Guide to The Kitchen

From Chaos to Calm in The Bedrooms & Living Spaces

As any cleaning service in NYC will tell you, these areas can be deceptively dirty. Although things might look clean and tidy, dirt has a way of digging into carpets and gathering in nooks and crannies. This is doubled, or possibly tripled, if you have kids of any age. Figure out a plan that works for you: one room at a time, from top to bottom, or one type of task at a time.

Go through your living spaces and identify any stains on the walls, carpets, and furnishings. Don’t forget the ceilings, either! Take off pictures, decals, and mirrors hanging on the walls and identify holes that will need to be filled in and painted over.

Now it’s time for dusting. You’ll need to go over everything, from the skirting boards to the ceilings. Key points include inside cupboards, electrical outlets, and light fittings. You might need to wipe things down with a cloth if a lot of dust has collected.

Time to Make Your Bathrooms Shine

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